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How Syrian Developer Attacks Odesa Through Foreign Media, - Southern Courier

How Syrian Developer Attacks Odesa Through Foreign Media, - Southern Courier

In an attempt to overcome the unofficial moratorium at the beginning of new high-rise construction projects, the famous Odesa businessman of Syrian origin Adnan Kivan uses a negative coverage scheme for the situation in Odesa by 'ordering' reports in the world's leading media.

About this writes the Odessa edition "Southern Courier".

Recently, a journalist of the Kobalt publication (Germany) Karsten Gravert visited Odesa with the officially stated goal to make a video report about life in our city and, in particular, about numerous attacks on various public figures and activists. Note that Kobalt is an online magazine that since 1997 has specialized in creating high-quality (as stated on the official page of the publication) video content about current events, documentaries and pop culture. In short, an online video tabloid with an access to the television of Germany.

The journalist Karsten Gravert is the Managing Editor on culture in the Kobalt. A few days ago, he tried to talk to Odesa mayor Hennadii Trukhanov, accusing him of organizing an assassination attempt on public activist Oleh Mykhailyk. The link is simple - Oleh Mykhailyk was the victim of an armed attack. On the evening of September 22, 2018, he was attacked near his home, shot to kill in the chest. Odesa police worked quite quickly - the attackers were quickly found and detained, and convicted afterwards. It turned out that they were criminals of Georgian origin, previously implicated in many criminal stories. The court sent the attackers to a remand prison, the leadership of the law enforcement agencies of Odesa region officially stated that the attempt was made in order to destabilize the political situation in the region. It is significant that some people who position themselves as public patriots and also journalists of the 7 Channel TV of Odesa, supported by construction businessman of Syrian origin Adnan Kivan, came out in support of those accused of attacking Oleh Mykhailyk. It is interesting that Oleh Mykhailyk himself was also the host of one of the programs of this channel for some time.

It is interesting that the work of the German cultural journalist in Odesa, according to the information of the Our City Odesa public organization, in particular, its expenses for airfare and accommodation, are paid by the structures of Adnan Kivan. "And now we have a question to the German journalist, who in fact is the head of the editorial staff of culture, what is the true purpose of his visit, and why does he ask questions not concerning the culture of either Germany or Ukraine at all," - the organization writes on its page.

It is clear that the task of the construction business of Adnan Kivan is to continue the accelerated construction of one after another of the so-called 'pearls' - multi-storey high-rise residential buildings in various parts of Odesa, including the historical center, where high-rise construction is strictly prohibited by the General Plan of the city, as well as the coastal area overlooking the sea. The specifics of the construction business in Odesa are often such that investors of some construction projects, buying apartments in them, actually finance the construction of the previous construction site. Thus, if at one stage the chain breaks, then the whole construction pyramid will collapse. And this in the conditions of the general glut of the real estate market in Odesa with new buildings is 'fraught' for the entire Kivan's business empire in particular, and for the entire real estate market of the millionth city in general.

At one time, about three years ago, Adnan Kivan spoke out openly against the current city government - this was expressed in the refusal to fulfill its investment obligations to transfer the building of the so-called 'emergency hospital' to the city and a number of other points. After that, Kivan was actually blocked from allocating land for new construction both in Odesa and in Kyiv, where, in violation of the law, he erects a residential high-rise building on Zhylianska Street and another high-rise building right on Andriivskyi Descent. In Odesa, Kivan received dozens of plots from the hands of the previous local government in the person of mayor Eduard Hurvits, 'outbid' them from a separatist Ihor Markov who fled to Russia, or received from the hands of the former regional administration head Mikheil Saakashvili. Some of these land plots are still being investigated by the Prosecutor General’s Office.

Since local media resources of Kivan, represented by the above-mentioned '7 Channel', and several websites do not fulfill their tasks of discrediting the local authorities and continuing 'solving land issues' in his favor, the Syrian developer goes to the international level. In March 2018, he purchased from the Pakistani publisher Mohammad Zahoor the only Ukrainian newspaper in English, the Kyiv Post, which has been published since 1995 and is positioned as the only.

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