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"Darnitsa" increases its net profit by 31% - to UAH 449 million in 2018

"Darnitsa" increases its net profit by 31% - to UAH 449 million in 2018

PrJSC "Pharmaceutical firm "Darnitsa" (Kyiv) got UAH 449.134 million net profit in 2018, which is 31.3 percent more than in 2017.

This is what the company’s shareholders are going to discuss during the annual yearly meeting, planned for April 3.

"To approve the following procedure of distribution of profits in line with the financial results of 2018: leave the net profit of UAH 449.13 million for the company, forwarding the money for its financial needs. No dividends will be paid," reads the project of the company’s decision.

According to the financial reports of the company, undistributed profit of the "Darnitsa" estimated UAH 1.56 billion as for the beginning of 2019.

"Darnitsa" assets increased by 30.9 percent, to UAH 4.03 billion during 2018; total debt balance grew by 49.8 percent, to UAH 1.2 billion; long-term liabilities – increased by 2.8 fold, to UAH 879.7 million. Current liabilities decreased by 20.3 percent, to UAH 264.73 million.

At the beginning of 2019, the company accumulated UAH 212.43 million free cash: twice as more as the year before.

Net operating income in 2018 increased by 18.7 percent, to UAH 3.002 billion.

Last year "Darnitsa" paid some UAH 104,573 billion income tax, which by 29.3 percent more than a year before. Labour payment expenses also increased by 35 percent and exceeded UAH 318 million.

PrJSC "Pharmaceutical firm "Darnitsa" was founded in 1930. It is Ukraine’s leader of the pharmaceuticals production in terms of volume. The company’s portfolio includes more than 250 names of medical agents.

In 2017 "Darnitsa" increased its clear profit by 18.7 percent, to 2.53 billion, and net profit – by 0.3 percent, to UAH 342.1 million.

Every year the company invests 10 percent of its gross income into research and development. In 2018 "Darnitsa" marketed 12 new medical agents, and nowadays it has been preparing 91 more pharmaceutical brands for production.

Last year "Darnitsa" won in three nominations of the all Ukrainian competition "The Choice of the Year".

The Zagoriys family, including the Verkhovna Rada lawmaker Glib Zagoriy, is the ultimate beneficiaries of the company.