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Militants attack town in DR Congo: Ukrainian peacekeeping contingent involved in response

Militants attack town in DR Congo: Ukrainian peacekeeping contingent involved in response

The town of Mamove in the Democratic Republic of the Congo was attacked. According to the available data, representatives of local illegal armed groups launched an attack at night and from several directions. Firstly, the militants attacked the DR Congo armed forces camp, fixing service members with fire and almost simultaneously fired several civilian buildings, including a medical facility, robbed a number of shops and houses, and then immediately dissolved in the jungle.

There is no official data regarding the victims of the attack, but local media reported that two civilians died, 14 disappeared and were probably captured. Such actions disseminate fear, which is the main weapon of any terrorist, and the United Nations Stabilization Mission in DR Congo is obliged to take urgent action.

Thus, units of national contingents of Ukraine, Tanzania and the South African Republic were immediately involved in response measures. At first the pair of 18 separate helicopter detachment Mi-24 helicopters activation was carried out. Ukrainian crews patrolled a designated area and performed aerial photo-recoinnassance, providing Mission command with the most up-to-date information on the situation at the incident area. After that, Ukrainian and South African transport helicopters moved Tanzanian special forces unit to the Mamove. The landing took place simultaneously in two parts of the town, where the school grounds and an improvised football field served as landing sites.

In the near future, the Tanzanians will comb the area and reinforce the local armed forces. Ukrainian helicopter crews, in their turn, will be ready to provide air strikes or, if necessary, to evacuate ground forces.

Assistant commander of the 18th separate helicopter detachment on communications with mass media, 1st Lieutenant Andrii Ostapiuk.