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Kyiv Decides To Shut Down Traffic On Shuliavskyi Bridge Due To Its Reconstruction On March 16

Kyiv Decides To Shut Down Traffic On Shuliavskyi Bridge Due To Its Reconstruction On March 16

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The Kyiv City State Administration decided to shut down the traffic on the Shuliavskyi Bridge in connection with its reconstruction on March 16.

The press service of the authority said this in a statement, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"Work on dismantling of the existing overpass will begin already on March 17 - the next day after the traffic shut down. The stage of work provides that the first works will be the dismantling of the contact network, the dismantling of lighting poles, the dismantling of the eaves blocks, the dismantling of pavement consoles, the dismantling the asphalt-concrete pavement, the dismantling of the span beams themselves and the partial dismantling of the grillages," reads the statement with reference to the words of the chief engineer of the Directorate for the Construction of Road and Transport Facilities in Kyiv utility enterprise Oleksandr Zdolnik.

It is planned to complete the construction of a new overpass with a length of 158.17 meters by the end of 2019.

The overpass will be equipped with bicycle lanes of 741 meters long, left- and right-turning split roads. The plan also includes the reconstruction of an underground pedestrian crossing and landscaping.

At the time of reconstruction, the traffic will be organized in the adjacent streets, in particular in the direction of Oleksandra Dovzhenko - Vadyma Hetmana Streets traffic will be conducted on Antona Tsedyka and Petra Nesterova Streets, with running on Pobedy Avenue.

At the intersection of Nesterova Street and Pobedy Avenue a temporary traffic light will be installed.

On Pobedy Avenue to the intersection with Harmatna Street a temporary traffic light will be also installed to ensure the possibility of a left turn to Harmatna Street, and Harmatna Street and Vyborzka Street will provide running to Hetmana Street.

Antona Tsedyka Street (before the intersection with Nesterova Street) and Petra Nesterova Street will be transferred to one-way traffic; Harmatna Street (before intersection with Vyborzka Street) and Vyborzka Street will also be transferred to one-way traffic.

Trolleybus traffic from Sevastopolska Square along Vadyma Hetmana Street will have the Industrialnyi Bridge final stop; from Oleny Telihy Street on Dovzhenko Street - Ivana Honty Street will be the final stop.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, in November, Kyiv intended to shut down the traffic on the Shuliavskyi Bridge due to its reconstruction in December.

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