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Ukrainian peacekeepers ensured landing of Joint Search and Rescue group in DR Congo

Ukrainian peacekeepers ensured landing of Joint Search and Rescue group in DR Congo

The United Nations Stabilization Mission in DR Congo, Ukrainian peacekeepers

Recently, joint search and rescue operation under the code name "ATLAS" was conducted by the Force Intervention Brigade together with local armed forces in DR Congo. The operation foreseen an engagement of company task forces of the armed forces of Tanzania, Malawi, South Africa and special-purpose reconnaissance groups of the Armed Forces of Guatemala, Tanzania and DR Congo. Search and rescue activities were carried out in one of the country's most dangerous regions, namely, near the village of Kididive. On November last year, in this very area, militants from the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), attacked a temporary position of a joint unit of the Mission and local armed forces and caused 6 soldiers of the Malawian and 9 of local armed forces killed and 18 service members wounded. Taking into account the high degree of threat, the complexity of the operation and the necessity of interaction with units of about a dozen countries, the task to land a Joint Search and Rescue Group was assigned to the Ukrainian helicopter crews.

The relocation was carried out by 3 crews of Mi-8 helicopters of Ukrainian national contingent. They were landing one-by-one as far as the size of landing site didn’t allow to land several hepicopters at once. Thanks to the coherent actions, the gap between boardings was shortened to a few minutes. It impressed Operation Command and Mission Commander, who personally monitored the actions of the peacekeeping units at the airfield, as far as plan foresed a gap of 10 minutes. This allowed to minimize the time which forces spent in a zone of greatest risk, because according to intelligence, local militants possesses 23mm anti-aircraft artillery  and large-caliber machine guns (12.7 mm - Browning).

The work of Ukrainian transport crews was carried out under the covering of a pair of "Rooivalk" combat helicopters of the South African Republic, which circled in the sky directly above the landing area and three Mi-24, which stayed on combat duty only 10 kilometers from the landing site at the Mavivi Airfield.

After completing the tasks by ground forces, Ukrainian crews successfully secured their evacuation.

Service members of the Ukrainian national contingent have been working in DR Congo since 2012 and by taking part in the United Nations operations sholder to sholder with peacekeepers from dozens of other countries, demonstrate daily that Ukraine is always a reliable partner, strong ally and loyal friend.

Assistant commander of the 18th separate helicopter detachment on communications with mass media, 1st Lieutenant Andrii Ostapiuk.