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State Fiscal Service: Employers Officially Employed 379,200 Workers In January

State Fiscal Service: Employers Officially Employed 379,200 Workers In January

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In January, employers officially employed 379,200 workers.

The deputy chairperson of the State Fiscal Service Yevhen Bambizov said this, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

During the first month of the year, employers submitted 195,000 reports of hiring 379,200 persons.

If to draw parallels in the number of officially employed during this period, then all the residents of the average regional center found a new job.

The largest number of reports of employment was submitted by representatives of the retail sector - they received reports on 21,400 workers, as well as medical institutions - almost 21,000 employed.

In third place - catering and fastfood industry, from which reports on 10,200 employees were received.

The construction sector reported 10,200 new workers.

Another 18,300 people registered in January as business entities.

High growth rate compared to December 2018 in the number of people employed was in Zakarpattia - 188.8%, second place - in Vinnytsia region: the growth rate is 150.7%, the third place - Luhansk region: 149.1%, in the fourth place Kyiv region, which shows an increase since December - 146.3%, followed by Khmelnytskyi region - 146%.

In January, about 66,000 citizens got a job in Kyiv.

It is followed by Dnipro: 30,000 employed.

In Kharkiv - nearly 28,000 employed citizens.

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