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Kormotech To Start Exporting Pet Food To Lebanon And Libya

Kormotech To Start Exporting Pet Food To Lebanon And Libya

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In 2019, the manufacturer of pet food Kormotech LLC (Lviv region) intends to begin exporting pet food to Lebanon and Libya, as well as Hungary and the Czech Republic.

The director of the company Rostyslav Vovk said this in an interview with the Ukrainian News Agency.

“In 2019, we plan to start exporting to Hungary, Lebanon, Libya and the Czech Republic. If there is enough production capacity to meet all needs, then we will probably also try to cooperate with Israel and Turkey,” he said.

Vovk also noted that the construction of a new plant in Lithuania will allow starting and establishing cooperation with the Nordic countries.

The company expects to complete construction in 7 months.

At the moment, there are already signed agreements with equipment manufacturers and the technical design of the plant has been agreed.

The Kormotech LLC estimates the growth of the market of pet food in Ukraine by 40% to UAH 6-6.5 billion in 2018 year over year.

"And the market for ready-made food (for pets), according to our estimates, over the past year has grown by more than 40% in cash equivalent to UAH 6-6.5 billion and by 20% in tons to about 100,000 tons," he said.

At the same time, Vovk noted that the market potential is very high, since in Ukraine only about 25% of cat and dog owners feed their pets with ready-made pet food.

For comparison, in Eastern Europe about 70% of pets are fed with pet food, in the USA and Western Europe this figure is about 95%.

At the same time, in monetary terms, the pet food of the premium and superpremium segments grew the same in 2018, and in the sales volumes premium pet food is the leader.

Vovk also stressed that the company itself for the specified period increased sales of pet food in monetary terms by 33% to UAH 1.3 billion, helped by the growth of the market and the strengthening of brand positions.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, in 2018, Kormotech increased pet food sales by 19% or 6,000 tons to 37,000 tons year over year.

Kormotech intends to invest at least EUR 6 million in the launch of a cat and dog food production plant in Kedainiai (Lithuania).

In May 2018, Kormotech received the right to export its products to the USA.

Kormotech exports products under its own brands and private labels to 19 countries, in particular to the Baltic countries, Poland, the Netherlands, France.

Production capacity of the company is 16,000 tons of wet pet food and 30,000 tons of dry pet food per year; in Ukraine, the plant is located in the Prylbychi village of Lviv region.

The company was founded in 2003, in 2005 the first plant for the production of pet food for cats and dogs was opened, and in 2011 - the second.

Kormotech on the Ukrainian market is represented by Optimeal trademarks in the super premium segment, Club 4 Paws is premium, and Gav and Meow in the economy class segment, which have been sold in Ukraine since November 2004, earlier the pet food was produced in Denmark at the facilities of the Aller Aqua company.

The ultimate beneficiaries are director general of Enzim private joint stock company Olena Vovk and Rostyslav Vovk, and the founders are Karpaty-Invest asset management company PJSC and Vengast Investments Limited LLC (Cyprus).

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