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Auction For Sale Of Russian Nord Vessel Fail 3rd Time In Row

Auction For Sale Of Russian Nord Vessel Fail 3rd Time In Row

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The auction for sale of the arrested Russian fishing vessel Nord have failed the third time following rejection of all bids.

This follows from a statement posted on the official website of the SETAM, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

According to the report, the auction was expected to start on Monday, February 11.

The starting price was UAH 1.359 million.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Volodymyr Horbenko, the wanted captain of the Ukraine-arrested Nord vessel (Russia), has said he was staying in the Russia-annexed Crimea.

The captain said this in his interview given to Komsomolskaya Pravda publication (the Russian Federation), Ukrainian News Agency reports.

The captain assured that he refused and returned to the Russia-annexed Crimea using his Russian passport.

On February 4, the police issued an arrest warrant for Vladimir Gorbenko, the captain of the Nord fishing vessel (Russia) that was detained in Ukraine.

The Melitopol Police Department launched an investigation into Gorbenko’s disappearance on January 29.

The investigation was launched under Article 115 of the Criminal Code (premeditated murder) with the additional qualification "missing" on the basis of a statement filed by Gorbenko's brother.

Gorbenko’s lawyer Maksym Mohylnytskyi announced on January 26 that he was missing.

According to Mohylnytskyi, this is not the first time that Gorbenko has gone missing. He also went missing in April 2018. However, Mohylnytskyi said he had serious reasons for concern.

Ukraine and Russia exchanged detained sailors from the Nord fishing vessel and the Ukrainian vessels YaMK-0041 and YaOD-2105 in October 2018. All the sailors on these vessels were exchanged, except the captains of the vessels.

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