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CEC Registers Poroshenko And 3 More Presidential Candidates

CEC Registers Poroshenko And 3 More Presidential Candidates

Petro Poroshenko, presidential elections, presidential candidate, CEC

The Central Election Commission (CEC) registered President Petro Poroshenko and another three presidential candidates for the March 31 elections.

Relevant decisions were made at a meeting of the commission on Thursday, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

Poroshenko registered as a self-nominated candidate.

There are also three other self-nominated candidates registered: Yurii Karmazin (former Member of Parliament, now president of the Institute of Law and Society public organization), Yuliya Lytvynenko (temporarily unemployed, until quite recently host of the Priamyi TV channel) and Oleksandr Vaschenko (board chairperson of the Vlada Narodu public organization).

Besides, on Thursday, the CEC refused to register five persons because of the failure to pay UAH 2.5 million of the pledge and the inconsistency of the documents submitted with the requirements of the legislation: Serhii Opra (member of the election headquarters of Olha Bohomolets at the presidential election and Lesia Orobets at the mayoral election in Kyiv in 2014), Ihor Sukhikh, Mykhailo Bulakh, Andrii Rachok and Olesia Spirina.

Thus, a total of 41 candidates were registered as of Thursday, and 43 applicants were denied registration.

Documents from less than 10 persons remain on the commission’s consideration.

Registration will end on Friday, February 8.

After that, until March 7 inclusively registered candidates are allowed to officially refuse to run.

Accordingly, the final list of candidates to be included in the ballot on March 31 will be made known on March 8.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, at the extraordinary presidential elections of 2014, the CEC registered 23 candidates, however, 2 of them refused to run for balloting, and 21 candidates were included in the ballot.