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Symonenko Sues Election Commission For Denying Him Registration As Presidential Candidate

Symonenko Sues Election Commission For Denying Him Registration As Presidential Candidate

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Petro Symonenko, who was the leader of the Communist Party of Ukraine until the party was prohibited in the country, has sued the Central Election Commission of Ukraine for denying him registration as the presidential candidate from the Communist Party of Ukraine for the elections of March 31.

This is said in the court materials, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

On February 4, Petro Symonenko brought the lawsuit to the Sixth Appeal Administrative Court.

Symonenko wants the court to terminate the resolution of the Central Election Commission and to oblige the Commission to consider and take documents from him for registration as a presidential candidate.

The Central Election Commission denied him registration as a presidential candidate on February 2.

The court will consider the case on Wednesday.

In 2015, the Justice Ministry prohibited the Communist Party of Ukraine from taking part in any elections in the country in compliance with a law.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, in total, the Central Election Commission has registered 34 candidates for the presidential elections and refused to register 28 applicants as of Wednesday.

The commission is still considering documents from almost 30 applications for registration as presidential candidates.

Registration of presidential candidates will end on February 8.

The deadline for submitting documents for the registration was February 3.

Registered candidates will be able to officially withdraw their candidacies until March 7, 2019, inclusive. This will allow the Central Election Commission to cancel the registrations of such candidates and approve ballot papers by March 8.