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PGO Opens Case Against Medvedchuk On Suspicion Of Treason And Separatism

PGO Opens Case Against Medvedchuk On Suspicion Of Treason And Separatism

PGO, criminal proceedings, Viktor Medvedchuk, Separatism, Treason

The Prosecutor-General’s Office (PGO) has opened criminal proceedings against Viktor Medvedchuk, a former head of the Presidential Administration and Ukraine’s representative in the humanitarian subgroup of the Trilateral Contact Group on resolution of the conflict in Donbas (Ukraine, Russia, and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe), on suspicion of treason and separatism.

Larysa Sarhan, the spokesperson for the Prosecutor-General’s Office, announced this on Facebook, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

“The Ukrainian Prosecutor-General’s Office entered information about commission of criminal offenses by Medvedchuk V. V. under Section 1 of Article 110 of the Ukrainian Criminal Code and Section 1 of Article 11 of the Ukrainian Criminal Code into the Unified Register of Pre-Trial Investigations at the request of Member of Parliament Andrii Teteruk on February 5, 2019," she wrote.

The Prosecutor General’s Office emphasized that Medvedchuk stated at a party congress in Kyiv on January 29 that it was necessary to establish a so-called “autonomous region of Donbas” with its own parliament and government and enshrine its status in the Ukrainian Constitution.

According to the Prosecutor General’s Office, these statements violate the Constitution, facilitate legislative consolidation of the temporary occupation of Donbas, and aid a foreign state in conducting subversive activities against Ukraine, including informational support.

The Prosecutor-General’s Office suspects Medvedchuk of committing crimes punishable under Section 1 of Article 110 (encroachment on the territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine) and Section 1 of Article 110 (high treason) of Ukrainian Criminal Code.

Materials of the criminal proceedings will be sent to the Security Service of Ukraine.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the Batkivschyna All-Ukrainian Association party’s leader Yuliya Tymoshenko has said that she is not cooperating with Medvedchuk.

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