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Lawyers Of Levin Deny His Involvement In Murder Of Handziuk

Lawyers Of Levin Deny His Involvement In Murder Of Handziuk

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The lawyers of kingpin Oleksii Levin (Moskalenko) deny his involvement in the murder of / anticorruption activist Kateryna Handziuk.

Lawyer Mykhailo Velychko said this at a press conference, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"Oleksii Levin has nothing to do with the organization and execution of this crime," he said.

The lawyer confirmed that Oleksii Levin is a friend of two people suspected of assassination of Kateryna Handziuk - Ihor Pavlovskyi and Serhii Torbin.

However, Oleksii Levin did not know about Kateryna Handziuk and had no reasons to kill her.

The lawyer says Levin travelled to the Dominican Republic in August 2018 for health and family reasons.

The lawyer says Levin is not planning to return to Ukraine in the near future.

The lawyer believes there was no customer of the assassination of Kateryna Handziuk at all.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, in January 2019, the Security Service of Ukraine put Oleksii Levin (Moskalenko) on the wanted list for being suspected of organizing the assassination of acting office manager / anticorruption activist, Kateryna Handziuk.

On December 4, 2018, law enforcers in-absentia notified Levin of being involved in Handziuk's assassination.

Assailants poured hydrochloric acid on Handziuk in downtown Kherson on July 31, 2018. She later died in hospital.

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