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Zelenskyi Promises To Limit His Presidency To 1 Term And Be The First To Initiate Bill On People Power If Elec

Zelenskyi Promises To Limit His Presidency To 1 Term And Be The First To Initiate Bill On People Power If Elected President

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Actor, head of the Kvartal 95 studio Volodymyr Zelenskyi promises to limit his presidency to one term if elected as President.

This is stated in his election program, which he submitted to the Central Election Commission, together with the documents for registration as a candidate for the presidency, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

“I just want to assure you - I’m going for one term in order to change the system for the future,” the program reads.

At the same time, he dreams that voting will become possible in 1 second via the Internet.

He promises that his first legislative initiative will be a bill on people power, enshrines that only the people of Ukraine form the main tasks for the government through referendums and other forms of direct democracy.

He also intends to initiate bills on lifting immunity from the President, Members of Parliament and judges, on the impeachment of the President, on recalling Members of Parliament, elections to parliament and local councils on open lists, and parliamentary absenteeism and non-personal voting will automatically become grounds for deprivation of an MP mandate.

Zelenskyi promises to restore trust and respect to the court.

"For simple disputes - Justice of the Peace, which are chosen by the people. For criminal offenses, it is an effective jury consisting of the people," the program says.

He believes that in order to restore peace, Ukraine must put before the guarantors of the Budapest Memorandum and EU partners the issue of support in ending the war, returning the temporarily occupied territories and compensating for the losses caused by the aggressor.

He regards the movement in NATO as a pledge of Ukrainian security and promises a salary to servicemen at NATO standards.

Zelenskyi said that his main goal as president would be to increase the welfare of Ukrainians.

To do this, he promises to introduce a "zero declaration" for business, in which every businessman at 5% will be able to declare and legalize his income, and the funds will be used to reduce the tariff voltage for the poor.

He also promises unshadowing and freedom of the economy, the replacement of income tax with a tax on the derived capital, the formation of a transparent land market, the transition to own energy resources.

At the same time, he promises to introduce the economic passport of a Ukrainian, which provides for the possibility of every Ukrainian from his birth to accumulate in his account a part of the state’s sales of natural goods (subsoil, land) and after reaching the age of majority to receive these savings as his own starting capital.

Zelenskyi promises to guarantee the inevitability of punishment for corruption, in particular the confiscation of property and a lifetime ban on holding public office.

He also promises a transition from solidarity to a funded pension system, and that all insurance savings will be inherited.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, on Friday, Zelenskyi submitted documents to the CEC with a request to register him as a presidential candidate for the March 31 elections.