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Foreign Intelligence Service Head Bozhok: Russia Allocates Intelligence Services USD 350 Million For Intervent

Foreign Intelligence Service Head Bozhok: Russia Allocates Intelligence Services USD 350 Million For Intervention In 2019 Elections

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Russia has allocated USD 350 million to its intelligence services for intervention in elections in Ukraine this year.

The head of Ukraine’s Foreign Intelligence Service Yehor Bozhok announced this in an interview with the Ukrinform state news agency, the Ukrainian News Agency reports.
"We have received information that the Kremlin has ordered an additional USD 350 million for its special services to intervene in this year’s elections in Ukraine," Bozhok said.
According to him, Russia intends to restore its influence on Ukraine this year.
“All Russian special services have been given the specific task of ‘closing the Ukrainian question’ in 2019. ‘Closure’ means returning Ukraine to the Russian Federation’s sphere of influence, and this is to be done so reliably to ensure that ‘no color revolution’ ever takes place in Ukraine. For this, the Kremlin is focusing on three scenarios for development of events in Ukraine," he said.
According to him, the Russian Federation’s first scenario is revenge for pro-Russian forces after presidential or parliamentary elections in Ukraine.
Another scenario – namely, internal destabilization of the situation in the country – will be executed if pro-Russian forces fail, he said.
According to him, the third scenario is a Russian military operation against Ukraine.
Bozhok said that Russian intelligence services intend to spend the USD 350 million on fake news, organization of provocations and protests, exertion of domestic political pressure on the leadership of Ukraine, and preparation of cyber-attacks.
As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, President Petro Poroshenko and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have discussed ways of preventing Russian interference in the Ukrainian presidential elections.