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Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov: Closure Of Ukrainian Polling Stations In Russia Aimed At Influencing Election

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov: Closure Of Ukrainian Polling Stations In Russia Aimed At Influencing Election Results

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Russian Foreign Affairs Minister Sergei Lavrov has said that Ukraine’s decision to close its polling stations in Russia was prompted by the current Ukrainian government’s desire to influence election results in its favor.

According to a transcript posted on the website of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Lavrov said this during a joint press conference with German Foreign Affairs Minister Heiko Maas on Friday, the Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"We view this negatively. We believe that the decision not to open polling stations in Ukraine’s diplomatic missions in Russia was prompted by an attempt to artificially influence the election results in favor of the current government. Depriving the millions of Ukrainians living and working in Russia the right to vote is a violation of all the norms that apply, that must be applied within the framework of the OSCE, including during the holding of free democratic elections," said Lavrov.

According to him, Ukraine’s explanation that this decision was due to lack of security in Russia does not stand up to scrutiny.

“We regularly host a huge number of international events, including the FIFA World Cup, which was attended by hundreds of thousands of foreigners, including many Ukrainians. There was not a single case of lack of security in any situation,” he said.

According to him, Ukraine was unable to facilitate voting by Russian citizens when Russia opened polling stations at its embassy in Kyiv and consulate generals during its elections.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Ukraine’s Central Election Commission has closed all the five polling stations in Russia.

Ukrainians living in Russia will be able to vote at the Ukrainian embassies in Tbilisi (Georgia), in Astana (Kazakhstan), or Helsinki (Finland).

Ukrainian presidential elections are scheduled for March 31.

Ukraine’s Foreign Affairs Minister Pavlo Klimkin has said that the polling stations in Russia were closed because of danger to voters.

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