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Cabinet Approves List Of Large Privatization Objects For 2019

Cabinet Approves List Of Large Privatization Objects For 2019

Cabinet of Ministers, privatization

The Cabinet of Ministers has approved the list of large-scale privatization objects for 2019.

The decision was made at a government meeting on Wednesday, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

According to the decision, in 2019, the government plans to sell 78.3% of the Centrenergo state-owned energy generating company, 50.999% of Ternopiloblenergo, 60.2475% of Zaporizhiaoblenergo, 65.001% of Kharkivoblenergo, 70% of Mykolaivoblenergo, 70% of Khmelnytskyioblenergo, 100% of United Mining-Chemical Company, 100% of Krasnolymanska Coal Mine state enterprise, 50% of Azovmash private joint stock company, 50% of Electrotyazhmash Plant state enterprise, 99.9952% of Sumykhimprom private joint stock company, 99.5667% of Odesa portside plant (Odesa region), a major producer of ammonia and urea, 99.9988% of Oriana joint stock company, 100% of the President Hotel, 70.7% of Indar insulin production enterprise (Kyiv), as well as 100% of the Ukragrolizing National Joint-Stock Company state PJSC.

At that, in 2018 Turboatom company and Kherson CHP, Dniprovska CHP, Krivyi Rih CHP, Severodonetsk CHP (combined heat and power plants) were included in the list of objects to be privatized, but these companies were not included in the list of privatization objects for 2019.

As Ukrainian News Agency reported, the State Property Fund has signed all contracts with investment advisors of the first pool of large-scale privatization enterprises.

On August 4, 2018, the Fund selected investment advisers for the privatization of the United Mining and Chemical Company, the Electrotyazhmash plant and the Krasnolymanska Coal Company.

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