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Source: Mexico Deports Ukrainian Businessman Fuks

Source: Mexico Deports Ukrainian Businessman Fuks

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The authorities of Mexico have deported to Ukraine Ukrainian businessman Pavlo Fuks who was arrested in Cancun on January 7.

An informed source said this to Ukrainian News Agency.

According to the source, Pavlo Fuks and his wife, Verkhovna Rada member Andrii Ivanchuk (faction of the People's Front Party) and his wife arrived in Cancun by a charter flight on January 7.

They were planning to celebrate Christmas there but the authorities of Mexico arrested them.

Ivanchuk was released as he had a diplomatic passport while Fuks was arrested as he was on what the source described as "the international black list."

Some time later Fuks was deported to Ukraine.

The source could not explain what "the international black list" meant.

The Ukrainian office of the Interpol could not confirm to Ukrainian News Agency information about the arrest of Fuks. The Ukrainian office of the Interpol said they received o information about the incident from the authorities of Mexico.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the Prosecutor General's Office has summoned Pavlo Fuks for interrogation twice within a case on an organized crime group.

Some media report that businessman Kurchenko has sold to Verkhovna Rada member Oleksandr Onischenko and businessman Pavlo Fuks some assets of former president Viktor Yanukovych and his entourage.

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