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Ukrainian news
Poroshenko Considers Work Of President Simple

Poroshenko Considers Work Of President Simple

President Petro Poroshenko believes that in the work of the head of state there is nothing complicated.

He said this during a meeting with talented youth, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

One of the schoolchildren said that he was dreaming of becoming the President in the future and asked Poroshenko what is the most difficult in his work.

“There is nothing complicated,” Poroshenko replied.

He added that with the desire to change the country for the better, with the support of family, team and citizens will succeed.

In the course of communication with the schoolboy who presented the project of the device for the blind, Poroshenko said that his favorite color is yellow-blue.

Poroshenko asked the lyceum student, representing the project of cleaning the sewage, why she, studying in Lviv, became interested in the topic of garbage.

As Ukrainian News Agency reported, earlier Poroshenko said that in a year he had six and a half days when he was not at work.

According to him, he prays every day for 12-13 minutes and exercises for 15 minutes, and goes in for sports on Sundays.

The wife of the President, Maryna Poroshenko, said that buckwheat porridge with homemade meatballs is the favorite dish of the head of state.

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