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Convicted Russian Mercenary Ivanov Dies In Prison In Lviv Region

Convicted Russian Mercenary Ivanov Dies In Prison In Lviv Region

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The Ukrainian parliament’s human rights representative Liudmyla Denisova has said that convicted Russian mercenary Valery Ivanov has died after falling off a ladder while screwing a light bulb in a prison in Lviv region.

The press service of the ombudsperson announced this in a statement, the Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"According to information from the Drohobych local prosecutor's office, Valery Ivanov … climbed up a folding ladder … to replace a light bulb that had burned out in the prison restroom on December 9 … but fell backwards. He hit his head against a garbage bin, as a result of which he died,” the statement said.

The prosecutor's office has opened criminal proceedings.

An investigation is underway.

The results of the relevant forensic examinations are expected in a month.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Olga Reshetilova, the coordinator of the Media Initiative for Human Rights, announced earlier that Ivanov died in a prison colony in Drohobych, Lviv region.

Ivanov arrived in Donbas from Arkhangelsk (Russia) in December 2014.

The Ukrainian military detained him near the Stanitsa Luganskaya while he was performing an intelligence operation.

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