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Ukrainian news
Ukrainian helicopter peacekeepers carried out an operation to transport the United Nations Force Commander in

Ukrainian helicopter peacekeepers carried out an operation to transport the United Nations Force Commander in DR Congo to a dangerous region of the country

Recently, the activation of illegal armed groups has been intensifying in the NorthKivu region of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This is considered to be due to the presidential elections scheduled for December 23. As far as the United Nations Stabilization Mission in DR Congo sees the election race as one of the key elements for democratic elections, and as a result, normalizing the situation in the country, the Force Commander Lt. Gen. Elias Rodrigues Martins Filho personally visited the troubling region.

Because of constant battles at the destination point, as well as the complexity and importance of the task, it was assigned to the most trained crews, the Ukrainian. Service personnel of the Ukrainian national contingent have the experience of delivering material and personnel to the UN base Semuliki - the most remote and located directly among the jungle at the bank of the same-name river. In addition, Ukrainian helicopters have been involved in combat operations in the area for plenty of times.

Initially, the crew of the Mi-8 of the Ukrainian contingent commanded by the commander of 18th separate helicopter detachment, sniper-pilot, Colonel Vitalii Tsapko, delivered the Commander from the city of Goma to the UN base near the city of Beni, where the headquarters of the Mission Sector is located. After the meeting with the Sector Command, a flight to Semuliki began. The cover of the transport board was provided by a pair of Ukrainian Mi-24, carrying combat alert at the airfield of Beni. During the work of the Commander on the ground, crews of combat helicopters performed patrol missions inthe area.

During the visit to the Semuliki base, the Force Commander learned about the situation firsthand, directly from the base troops and their commanders. As a result, a number of measures were planned to strengthen positions in the region in order to secure democratic processes, protect local civilians and the peacekeepers themselves.

The implementation of these measures involves the participation of helicopter crewsof the 18th separate helicopter detachment, therefore we can be sure that in the nearest future the troops of the Ukrainian national contingent will have a lot of opportunities to once again demonstrate the world their personal professionalism, the reliability of ourcountry as a partner and strength as an ally - just as they did it today.

Assistant commander of the 18th separate helicopter detachment on communications with mass media, 1st Lieutenant Andrii Ostapiuk.