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Kyiv Council Adopts 2019 City Budget

Kyiv Council Adopts 2019 City Budget

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The Kyiv city council has adopted the city budget for 2019.

The relevant draft resolution was approved by 87 votes, with only 61 votes required for its approval, the Ukrainian News Agency reports.

Andrii Strannikov, the head of the standing commission on budget issues, noted that taking into account the modifications of the profile commission and the revisions made during the discussion to the city budget, revenues and expenses will be more than UAH 57 billion each.

According to the revised draft budget, the main amount of expenditures will be for the sphere of education - UAH 17,162.1 million.

Another 10,532.2 million will be allocated for the health sector, and UAH 8,741.0 million for social protection and social security.

Another UAH 5,549.7 million is provided for housing and utilities and UAH 6,920.5 million - for transport and transport infrastructure.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the budget commission recommended the Kyiv City Council to consider the draft city budget for 2019 with revenues and expenditures of UAH 54.9 billion.

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