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Rada Cuts Excise Rate On Fruit Wines 106 Times To UAH 0.01 Per Liter

Rada Cuts Excise Rate On Fruit Wines 106 Times To UAH 0.01 Per Liter

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The Verkhovna Rada decreased the rate of excise tax on fruit and berry wines produced without the addition of alcohol 106 times from acting in 2018 UAH 1.06 per liter to UAH 0.01 per liter.

This is stated in the Law on Amendments to the Tax Code, promulgated on Wednesday in the official parliamentary newspaper Holos Ukrainy, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

Thus, a tax will be levied at a rate of UAH 0.01 for one liter of fermented beverages obtained only as a result of the natural fermentation of fruit, berry and fruit and berry juices.

According to the Ukrsadvynprom association, this will increase the competitiveness of products and will allow to restore the production and consumption of fruit and berry wines in Ukraine.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the Verkhovna Rada also established the zero excise tax rate for ethyl alcohol for the production of vinegar and cosmetic products by this law.

In 2013, Members of Parliament Mykola Dzhyha, Yan Tabachnyk, Kateryna Vaschuk (all - the Party of Regions faction) and Mykhailo Apostol (the Batkivschyna All-Ukrainian Association) suggested that the Parliament reduce the excise rate on fruit wines produced without adding alcohol 100 times from the current at the time of UAH 49.49 per liter to UAH 0.5 per liter.