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Savchenko Goes On Dry Hunger Strike

Savchenko Goes On Dry Hunger Strike

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Non-affiliated member of the Ukrainian Parliament Nadiya Savchenko, who is suspected of terrorism, went on a dry hunger strike.

She wrote this on Facebook, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"Investigators of the Security Service (of Ukraine) are blackmailing and putting pressure on the Member of Parliament, chairman of the Social and Political Platform of Nadiya Savchenko party, demanding that the lawyers be familiarized with the case file immediately, in order to immediately start considering the case on the merits, in exchange for the opportunity to see relatives and assistants, restore electronic keys, open an account in the bank for registration as a candidate for the President of Ukraine. In this regard, Nadiya Savchenko, as a political prisoner, goes on a dry hunger strike," the statement reads.

Savchenko intends to starve until the moment of ensuring her rights and freedoms in accordance with the Constitution and current legislation.

As Ukrainian News Agency reported, earlier Savchenko underwent surgery in a hospital in Kyiv.

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