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Ukrainian UN helicopter peacekeepers in DR Congo rescued a military man from Malawi, who spent 16 days in the

Ukrainian UN helicopter peacekeepers in DR Congo rescued a military man from Malawi, who spent 16 days in the jungle

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The United Nations Stabilization Mission in DR Congo, together with the armed forces of the country, is carrying out a large-scale operation against illegal armed formation, whose representatives call themselves the United Democratic Forces (ADF), which is the most numerous and aggressive in the region. The militants of ADF are responsible for hundreds of local residents lives, are engaged in forced recruitment using blackmail, kidnappingchildren, bringing up militants from them.

The operation is conducted in the North Kivu region, which is the area of responsibility of the Ukrainian contingent. During one of the clashes, the peacekeeper of the Malawian contingent lost contact with his unit and appeared alone an a jungle. Search and rescue operations provided no results for 16 days due to extremely dense vegetation and difficult weather conditions. Fortunately, the given serviceman did not panic, retained self-control and managed to reach the open ground, where it was detected and promptly evacuated. This fact indicates that countries send only their best representatives to participate in international peacekeeping operations. Malawian serviceman managed to survive alone in a jungle for 16 days thanks to training received in his native country, as well as trainings gained by the Mission staff directly in DR Congo, which are conducted with all peacekeepers withno exception.

Except of strong general exhaustion and minor damage to the skin, primary examination did not reveal any health problems. Service personnel of 18 separate helicopter detachment, together with medical staff of the Republic of South Africa, provided him emergency medical evacuation to the hospital in Goma. He will undergo a complete medical examination there, but at the moment it can be said that there is no danger to his life.

The peacemaker thanked the Ukrainian crew and promised to remember the assistance provided until the end of his life. Servicemen of 18 separate helicopter detachment welcome back the Malawian brothers-in-arms and wish him a quick return to the ranks. Ukrainian peacekeepers are always ready to land a reliable shoulder to their partners and allies.

Assistant commander of the 18th separate helicopter detachment on communications with mass media, 1st Lieutenant Andrii Ostapiuk.