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Freedom House Places Ukraine On List Of Countries With Partial Freedom On Internet

Freedom House Places Ukraine On List Of Countries With Partial Freedom On Internet

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Freedom House, an international non-governmental organization, has placed Ukraine on the list of countries with partial freedom on the Internet.

Research Director for Technology and Democracy at Freedom House Adrian Shahbaz announced this at a press conference, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

He published a ranking of countries regarding the freedom of the Internet, compiled by the organization.

According to it, Ukraine belongs to the countries with "partial freedom in the network", the USA - to the countries "with complete freedom in the network", and Russia - to the "completely non-free countries on the Internet."

"I can say that Ukraine is among the countries in which over the past 5 years there has been the greatest restriction of freedom on the Internet," said Shahbaz.

According to him, there is a tendency to reduce freedom in the network in Ukraine.

In turn, the head of the Freedom House office Matthew Schaaf said that the expansion of Internet access among Ukrainian citizens is positive.

Among the negatives, he noted the blocking of some Internet resources, mostly pro-Russian, as well as attempts to criminalize "technological terrorism".

Also typical is the fact of conducting regular hacker attacks on Ukrainian resources.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the Free Internet Coalition believes that draft law No. 9275, which equates media coverage of terrorism with promotion of terrorism, is a mechanism for censoring the mass media.

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