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General Staff To Gather Reservists

General Staff To Gather Reservists

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The General Staff intends to gather reservists of the operational reserve of the first stage.

The deputy chief of the General Staff Rodion Tymoshenko said this at a briefing, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"The respective gatherings of them (reservists of the operational reserve of the first stage) will be held. That is, there will be no mobilization, they will not become servicemen, they will have gatherings under the principle of a shooting day. It will be held once a week," he said.

He also noted that more intensive exercises could be conducted in individual brigades of territorial defense.

In addition, according to Tymoshenko, participants of the gatherings will receive monetary compensation in the amount from UAH 3,000 to UAH 5,000, depending on the position.

Tymoshenko did not specify dates of the gatherings.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, President Petro Poroshenko signed the Law that approves his Decree on imposition of martial law in 10 regions from 2 p.m., November 26, to 2 p.m., December 26.

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