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Power deprived simultaneously 75% of families of subsidies, - Serhiy Lovochkin

Power deprived simultaneously 75% of families of subsidies, - Serhiy Lovochkin

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Before the start of the heating season, the power has raised the price of gas, which leads to an increase in the price of heating. At the same time, the number of recipients of subsidies over the last year decreased by 75%. This was announced by Serhiy Lovochkin, the MP from the “Opposition Platform – For Life”. According to him, by introducing the draconian rules for calculating subsidies, the power deprived 4.6 million families of the ability to pay their own tariffs, informs portal opposition.org.ua.

“At the beginning of the heating season, almost 4.6 million Ukrainian families could not reissue the housing and communal subsidy, which they previously received. If in October 2017, 6.044 million households received the subsidy, in October 2018 their number decreased to 1.497 million, or 75%. This is a consequence of the unjustified tightening of the rules for granting subsidies, initiated by the power in April of this year,” Serhiy Lovochkin stated.

According to the politician, having increased gas tariffs by 23.5% from November 1, the power launched a chain of revision of the remaining housing and utility tariffs and at the same time deprived millions of Ukrainian households of the right to a subsidy.

“This will lead to an increase in energy poverty among the population, whose costs for utilities have increased more than 5 times since 2013, despite the fact that the average pension has increased by only 68% during this time,” he said.

The MP is convinced that the current power is preparing a greater tariff shock for the next year. According to the government’s plans, by the end of 2019, gas tariffs can increase by another 44%, while in the draft State Budget-2019, the volume of housing subsidies was reduced by a quarter from UAH 71 billion to UAH 55.1 billion.

“We must not allow shifting the entire tariff burden and the mistakes of the authorities to the population. Every family in need should have a guaranteed right to a subsidy without additional conditions. Therefore, the budget that has just been adopted already must be revised,” Serhiy Lovochkin concluded.