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The government should take into account the budget proposals of the Opposition bloc on raising social standard

The government should take into account the budget proposals of the Opposition bloc on raising social standards, - Serhiy Lovochkin

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The draft State Budget-2019 submitted by the Cabinet of Ministers for consideration by the parliament is antisocial. Therefore, the Opposition Bloc has prepared a package of proposals providing for a substantial increase in social standards and an increase in spending on economic development. This was written by Serhiy Lovochkin, deputy head of the Opposition Bloc faction in his deputy inquiry to Prime Minister Volodymyr Groisman. It requires the government taking into account the proposals of the Opposition Bloc in the state budget, reports portal politician.

In particular, the opposition proposes to raise the subsistence minimum by more than 2 times – so that by the end of 2019 it amounted to UAH 3,800. During the next year, the minimum wage should increase by 75% – up to UAH 7,000. The minimum pension is proposed to be increased by 3 times – it must reach the mark of UAH 4,500 for the same period.

“I am convinced that in the State Budget-2019 it is necessary to substantially increase expenditures on the development of socially sensitive spheres of Ukrainian society living in a deep crisis. This, above all, is education, the financing of which should increase not by 16%, as proposed by the government, but by 26% – that is, +10 bln in comparison with the current year,” Serhiy Lovochkin added.

In addition, the Opposition Bloc proposes to increase budget spending on the revival of the health care system by 38.6% – up to UAH 120.5 billion.

“We categorically do not support the cuts in housing subsidies proposed by the government in the draft State Budget – 2019 and insist on leaving the volume of the corresponding subvention for local budgets at the current year level. In addition, we demand the lifting of new rules introduced by the government that will make it impossible for many citizens to receive subsidies,” the inquiry says.

The Opposition Bloc is confident that that raising social standards should be systemic in nature and be based on stable, progressive growth of the economy. To form its preconditions, the party proposes to increase expenditures on the development of the economy at the national and regional level by UAH 30 billion. They should be directed toward stimulating exports, developing small and medium businesses, restoring the Donbas, supporting innovation and science. At the expense of these funds, additional sectors of the economy, in particular, aviation, shipbuilding, rocket and space, coal, agriculture, etc. should receive additional impetus for development.

“The increase in budget expenditures proposed by the Opposition Bloc is quite realistic and is based on appropriate proposals for expanding its resource base. We are convinced that it can be increased by UAH 140 billion due to the correction of the macro forecast, as well as the reduction of inefficient items of expenditures, including the bureaucracy and security forces,” Serhiy Lovochkin concluded.