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Opposition Bloc And For Life To Nominate Single Candidate For Presidential Elections In 2019

Opposition Bloc And For Life To Nominate Single Candidate For Presidential Elections In 2019

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The Opposition Bloc and For Life political parties intend to nominate a single candidate for the presidential elections in 2019.

The corresponding agreement was signed by the co-chairperson of the Oppositon Bloc faction in the Verkhovna Rada Yurii Boiko and the leader of the For Life party, Member of Parliament Vadym Rabinovych (the Opposition Bloc faction), Ukrainian News Agency reports.

“We really will have a single candidate for the presidential elections, but who is still a reason for discussion. The fact that he will be is true,” said Boiko.

According to the signed agreement, the parties created the Opposition Platform - For Life association and in November 2018 will determine a single candidate.

The parties also agreed on the joint participation of representatives of the association in the elections to the Verkhovna Rada in 2019.

“Our Platform is open to all real opposition forces who are ready to actually defend our citizens and really fight the current criminal regime,” the document says.

One of the objectives of the association is the adoption of the constitution of the parliamentary form of government, which will approve the decentralization of power.

The necessity of restoring cooperation and trade with Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States and the country's neutrality status in the military-political sphere is noted.

"Only at the congress it is possible to nominate a candidate for the President from political power and according to the letter of the law it will have to happen starting December 30," the Member of Parliament from the Opposition Bloc faction Nestor Shufrych answered the journalists' question.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the Democratic Alliance political party intends to support the mayor of Lviv, leader of the Samopomich Association Andrii Sadovyi in the presidential elections in 2019.