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NBU Allows Individuals To Open Accounts With Banks Through BankID

NBU Allows Individuals To Open Accounts With Banks Through BankID

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The National Bank of Ukraine has allowed individuals to remotely use not only administrative but also banking services (such as, for instance, opening of accounts).

The central bank has said this in a statement, the Ukrainian News Agency reports.

To meet the goal, the NBU is introducing the BankID system to let banks' clients to remotely identify themselves.

As Ukrainian News earlier reported, early in October, the NBU extended options of using the remote identification of individuals via the Single National System for Remote Identification of Individuals and Legal Entities of the National Bank of Ukraine (the NBU BankID System).

The provisions are included in NBU Board Resolution No. 105 On Amendments to Certain Regulatory Documents of the National Bank of Ukraine dated October 3, 2018.

The statement reads that the amendments will allow for the use of the system as one of the instruments for identification of individuals for the purpose of provision of banking services (e.g. for opening an account).

In particular, Resolution No. 105 provides for: terms and procedure for connecting subscribers to the NBU BankID System, and stopping and restoring its operation, as well as procedure for use of the system by subscribers and users (individuals); procedure for remote identification of individuals; procedure for transmitting the identification data to the NBU BankID System; requirements to data protection in the NBU BankID System; organizational structure of the NBU BankID System.

According to the information provided by Ukrainian banks as of 1 January 2018, more than 13 million individuals that are bank customers use the remote account servicing, including the use of the Client-Internet-Bank system.

In total, the number of individual customers that use banks’ remote account servicing has tripled since 2016.

Thanks to the spreading use of the Client-Internet-Bank system by individuals, the NBU BankID System may become a sufficiently widespread means for the remote identification of individual bank customers, given that banks join the system.

Resolution No. 105 comes into effect on November 5, 2018.

In September 2016, the National Bank approved the working arrangements of the unified national system of electronic remote identification of natural persons and legal entities BankID.

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