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Ukrainska Pravda demanding IMI refute results of its manipulative rating

Ukrainska Pravda demanding IMI refute results of its manipulative rating


Ukrainska Pravda, the leading Ukrainian online media, demands that the IMI refute false information within the rating entitled News Anti-Rating. TOP-50 Ukrainian Websites Analysis conducted along with the project and published by the IMI.

Ukrainska Pravda Head, Olena Prytula, wrote this in a comment under a Facebook post of IMI Director, Oksana Romaniuk.

"Frankly speaking, I have not checked all of them… However, in speaking of Ukrainska Pravda, we demand the refutation," she wrote.

Romaniuk herself promised to answer all the questions later. "All we published was clear and transparent. We are always open for a dialogue," she said.

Later Prytula demanded that Romaniuk not only remove all discrepancies in the rating, but also emphasize that the IMI made a mistake in the rating.

"Please correct the mistake as to Ukrainska Pravda. I would also like you to make a note there saying you made a mistake. I wrote this to the, they simply removed the rating text from their page," the head of Ukrainska Pravda wrote.

Earlier, Ukrainska Pravda employees had commented under the Romaniuk's post saying that according to the IMI and, the 'unreliable sources' were Oleh Sentsov's lawyer, who reported on the state of Ukrainian filmmaker's health, and the head of the Naftogaz of Ukraine national joint-stock company, who covered the issue of Ukrnafta's activity. Besides, the IMI called 'unreliable source' the news Ukrainska Pravda posted with the reference to Hromadske, while the rating made up by the Institute (IMI) mentioned no discrepancies in the news issued by Hromadske itself.

Ukrainska Pravda's Editor-In-Chief, Sevgil Musayeva-Borovyk, blamed Romaniuk for being unaware of Enkorr, an authoritative energy title, which was also referred to as 'unreliable source' by IMI. "Just because you do not know such a title, it does mean the source is unreliable," she wrote.

Romaniuk herself noted that all the rating participants faced equal criteria and once again promised to provide a detailed answer to all the questions.

Earlier, the IMI along with the published the rating entitled News Anti-Rating. TOP-50 Ukrainian Websites Analysis. In particular, they published links to the stories, which were, according to the IMI, unreliable, manipulative or fake.

The TOP-5 'worst' titles included two titles whose employees had several times lambasted the IMI ratings and incompetence of its experts. At the same time, no negative information was detected in the news stories of four other titles despite the fact that some 'unreliable' titles mentioned in the rating directly quoted their materials.

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