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Slipachuk Declares UAH 10.4 Million Salary From Previous Place Of Work

Slipachuk Declares UAH 10.4 Million Salary From Previous Place Of Work

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The head of the Central Election Commission Tetiana Slipachuk declared UAH 10.4 million salary from the previous place of work.

Ukrainian News Agency learned this from a data in the Unified State Register of Declarations of Persons Authorized to Perform State Functions.

On October 5, the newly appointed members of the CEC took the oath and took up their duties, and also held the first meeting at which they elected the leadership of the commission, including Slipachuk as chairperson.

On the same day she declared significant changes in the property status.

In particular, she indicated UAH 10,385.700 million of part-time salary from Sayenko Kharenko LLC.

In the declaration for 2017, Slipachuk indicated UAH 2.1 million of revenues from this company, another UAH 42,500 from the Sayenko Kharenko law firm and UAH 64,000 from the Sayenko Kharenko law society.

Slipachuk has been a partner in Sayenko Kharenko since 2011, where she led the practice of international trade and international arbitration.

Totally, for 2017, she declared UAH 4,315.000 million revenues.

Her savings in bank accounts and cash total more than 0.5 million in dollar equivalent.

As real estate, Slipachuk owns an apartment of 79 square meters, land plot of 1,000 square meters and a house of 285 square meters in Kyiv.

In December 2016, she bought a BMW 640D car (2016 model year) for UAH 1.6 million, and since May 2017 she has the right to use the car of Iryna Slipachuk - Mercedes-Benz G 500 (2012 model year).

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the secretary of the CEC Nataliya Bernatska declared more than UAH 0.8 million of income, and her husband - almost UAH 3 million for 2017 and almost USD 0.9 million in cash.

Deputy Chairperson of the Central Election Commission Yevhen Radchenko declared UAH 418,600 of business income for 2017, and Deputy Chairperson Oleh Konopolskyi - UAH 187,100 of income, the acquisition of a land plot and a house in Kyiv region and USD 225,000 of savings.

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