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A dispute over the Soviet "Korvalol" might be solved in October

A dispute over the Soviet "Korvalol" might be solved in October

The medicine (illustration). Photo:
The medicine (illustration). Photo:

JSC "Farmak" (Kyiv), that has been trying to monopolize the Soviet medical brand "Korvalol" for 15 years, initiates yet another legal battle in court.

The High Court of Ukraine (VSU) will consider a dispute between JSC "Farmak" and PrJSC "Pharmaceutical Firm "Darnitsa" on the copyright over the trademark "Korvalol" and its Latin name "Corvalolum".

Farmak press service has reported the company hopes that this case will be considered in the High Chamber of the VSU. 

As reported, back in 2003 "Darnitsa" filed a request to register the "Korvalol-Darnitsa" TM.

Farmak that registered the trademark "Korvalol Corvalolum" back in 1993, has tried to cancel the Darnitsa’s analog medicine registration via court.

The trial continued until 2011 when the court denied satisfying "Farmak’s" claim.

A year earlier the court has also denied satisfying "Darnitsya’s" counter-claim, calling to cancel the "Farmak’s" registration of Korvalol.

In 2018 "Farmak" renewed the court proceeding. The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine chamber of appeal has decided to accept "KorvalolCorvalolum" copyright as belonged to JSC "Farmak".

However, in July Kyiv Court of Appeal canceled that decision. And as the result, The Economic Court of Kyiv denied satisfying Farmak’s claim to cancel the "Korvalol-Darnitsa" trademark registration.

The "Darnitsa" representatives are confident that their trade mark "Korvalol-Darnitsa" doesn’t violate Ukraine’s legislation, as well as the rights of other producers.

Farmak’s has artificially purchased a "well-known brand status" for "Korvalol Corvalolum" in 2017 only to start a procedure of cancelation of a "Korvalol-Darnitsa" trademark, - Darnitsa’s press service explained in July 2018.

USSR started producing sedative medication "Korvalol" in the 1960s. In fact, it was an analog of Valocordin, invented in Germany at the end of the XIX century.

"Korvalol" was produced on several Soviet plants. Today the medication of the same name is being made by several Ukrainian and Russian producers.

JSC "Farmak" and PrJSC "Pharmaceutical Firm "Darnitsa" are both leading pharmaceuticals producers in Ukraine.

The Farmak supervisory board head Filya Zhebrivska is also the beneficiary of the company.

And Bloc of Petro Poroshenko lawmaker Hlib Zagoriy is the beneficiary owner of "Darnitsa".