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DCH Expects 50 Mln. Loan Obtained by AIS from UkrSibbank to Be Redeemed

DCH Expects 50 Mln. Loan Obtained by AIS from UkrSibbank to Be Redeemed

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DCH Group of Companies expects AIS Group of Companies to redeem the loans totaling 50 million USD it obtained from UkrSibbank. In 2017, DCH acquired the rights of outstanding claims from UkrSibbank because of “the ties of moral duty to BNP Paribas International Financial Group, its former project partner and its buyer,” as Konstantyn Petrovsky, a member of DCH board of directors, put it at the meeting with the mass media.

The press service of DCH Group of Companies informs about it.

During the event, DCH representatives explained that UkrSibbank had lent a total of 50 mln. USD to the enterprises of AIS Corporation which was secured on the mortgaged real estate and movables (mortgaged cars). In particular, the bank loaned AutoserviceT Ltd. about 18 mln. USD, Inter-Auto Ltd. about 11.8 mln. USD, Kremenchuh Car Assembly Plant Ltd. about 15.5 mln. USD, Autoholding Ltd. about 2.5 mln. USD. Besides, the co-founders of AIS Dmytro Svyatash and Vasyl Poliakov became securities and solidary debtors at the time the indebtedness was formed in 2007-2008.

Later on, as the official statement of DCH on the Group’s website reads, AIS Corporation defaulted on a pretext of the global economic crisis and refused the fulfillment of its obligations to UkrSibbank JSC in 2009. It also changed its name into “Comp Concord” Corporation. Almost all the participants left AIS Corporation, also 2 waves of bankruptcy were held which automatically meant debt moratoria. Besides, on the basis of a fake decision of the Voroshylovsky district court of Donetsk court orders to alienate mortgaged objects were removed and the real estate mortgaged to UkrSibbank was sold. Later, the real estate was resold several times, shared by several legal bodies; the latter further divided/split the mortgaged property in order to change the property’s registration numbers and addresses.

According to Olena Lysytska, head of the legal department at DCH, these manipulations cannot but be legally classified as illegal withdrawal of mortgaged property.

DCH informed that in 2009-2017 constant negotiations on restructuring the debts were held with Svyatash and Poliakov who had become securities and solidary debtors in terms of the loan. Yet, the borrowers refused from fulfilling their obligations to the bank on this or that pretext despite a number of options to settle them that had been agreed upon.

Besides, said Lysytska, Svyatash and Poliakov do not deny the fact of making bail; yet they turned to court aiming at cancelling the bail at formal pretexts through legal action (e.g. a free form of bail instead of a paid one).

As it is stated in the extracts from the State register of enterprises that were shown at the meeting by DCH representatives all the debts of AIS to other lending banks were purchased by legal bodies whose final beneficiary is a member Vasyl Poliakov’s immediate family, his sister Iryna Poliakova. And all the real estate that was illegally withdrawn by AIS belongs to legal bodies whose final beneficiaries are Dmytro Svyatash’s immediate family: his parents Larysa Svyatash and Volodymyr Svyatash.

Later on DCH acquired the rights of outstanding claims from UkrSibbank and it is also trying to recover the debts through legal action.

At the same time, DCH points out, the aggregated debts pool that was resold by UkrSibbank to DCH there is a personal debt of

Svyatash (his credit cards “overdrafts”) that amounts to 150,000 USD and 150,000 EUR, its due date being 2009. 

Because of the loan loss and interest accrual 468,000 USD and 450,000 EUR were enforced by court order; moreover, for the 10 years that the debt has existed Svyatash has paid back less than 1,000 USD.

The leaders of DCH are sure that the case of AIS debts is a signal for the global investment community whether foreign investors should come to Ukraine.


DCH is one of the largest national business groups whose president and owner is businessman Oleksandr Yaroslavsky. DCH assets are represented by construction and development companies, financial institutions, “Kharkiv” International Airport and others.

The main direction of AIS activities is selling new cars and buses including their pre-sale maintenance, guarantee maintenance and post-warranty service as well as supplying and selling genuine spare parts for the cars on display in the trade-and-service network of AIS.