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Serhiy Lovochkin: “The Opposition Bloc Insists On Considering Its Draft State Budget-2018, Which Provides For

Serhiy Lovochkin: “The Opposition Bloc Insists On Considering Its Draft State Budget-2018, Which Provides For A Reduction Of Tariffs And An Increase Of Social Benefits”

The Opposition bloc faction does not support the governmental draft budget for 2018 and insists the parliament to consider its version. This was stated by MP from the Opposition bloc Serhiy Lovochkin in the corridors of the parliament.

This is said in respective statement by the press-service of the politician, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

According to him, the draft budget for 2018 is unrealistic, since it is formed on inaccurate macroeconomic indicators. “We are not satisfied with the costs of the police state – the content of the law enforcement agencies and the state apparatus,” the oppositionist specified.

According to Serhiy Lovochkin, the Opposition bloc offered its version of the State Budget-2018, which provides for an increase in social payments, halving in tariffs, and a reduction in spending on maintaining the state apparatus.

“We propose to send at least UAH 120 billion to increase social standards, cut by UAH 100 billion in spending for the power bloc. People should get more, and officials – less. Therefore, we propose to reduce by almost 20 billion expenditures for the maintenance of the state apparatus. We believe that it is necessary to send minimum UAH 20-30 billion for development of the real sector of the economy. Therefore, we will not vote for the governmental draft budget, but we insist the parliament to consider the variant of the budget proposed by the Opposition bloc,” the parliamentarian stressed.

Serhiy Lovochkin recalled that the budget-2017 was executed at the expense of irregular incomes, which can not be obtained next year.

“We also have questions on the implementation of this year’s budget, which was actually implemented at the expense of irregular incomes, such as confiscation of funds by 30 billion, recalculation of the National Bank’s revenues by 30 billion, placement of new debt obligations, overpayment from Naftogaz, because there was an additional profit due to a sharp increase in gas prices for people. Next year, this will not happen,” the politician noted.

According to Serhiy Lovochkin, the allocation of UAH 20-30 billion to support the economy is critical, because only this will increase real budget revenues.

“Only due to this in the near future we will be able to compensate for the costs for state debt. What is the state debt today? Since the arrival of the current government, it mathematically increased by UAH 1 billion a day. This did not happen every day, but overall, during three years it was increasing that way. Who will pay this? You, I and all Ukrainians, who already now have a debt of UAH 48 thousand, including babies and grandmothers in the village who receive UAH 2 000 pensions at best. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the real sector of the economy – there is no alternative to this,” he stated.

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