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Serhiy Lovochkin Considers It Possible To Unite The Opposition Bloc With Parties That Advocate Peace

Serhiy Lovochkin Considers It Possible To Unite The Opposition Bloc With Parties That Advocate Peace

Reboot of power is inevitable, since none of the politicians today have a confidence above 10-12%. The politician believes that a candidate from the South-East can win the presidential election. He also hopes that a new coalition will be created in the new parliament, which will come out with a peaceful agenda of the country’s development.

This is said in respective statement by the press-service of the politician, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

“Politics in Ukraine, in principle, degraded. Instead of fighting ideologies – there is the struggle of slogans, instead of meanings – there is populism, instead of knowledge and experience – there is massacre, which neither the country nor the people gave. Ukrainians understand this, so none of the politicians today have a confidence above 10-12%. That is why a reset of power is inevitable, Serhiy Lovochkin said.

The MP admits that before the elections it is possible to unite the political forces, which aim at restoring peace in the country. The Opposition Bloc may include this association.

“As for the pre-election configurations, the main thing for the Opposition bloc is not the name, but the values: peace, development, unity, freedom, democracy and tolerance. These are our basic values. We went to the elections of 2014 with them, and people supported us. Our election campaign lasted for 28 days; time showed that we were right. According to our polls, a third of Ukrainians are ready to vote for the principles and goals of the Opposition bloc and our task is to win their confidence in the next election. It is important to unite all healthy forces that will be able to protect the interests of the voters of the Center and the South-East. Now, both in the parliament and in the government as a whole, there is a skew, the voters of the Center and the South-East are not sufficiently represented, which does not benefit either the country or the people,” he said.

The politician said that he would support those political forces that would advocate for peace and development: “The main thing that a country needs is peace. Therefore, everyone should unite around this idea not only in the process of the election campaign, but most importantly - after the end of both presidential and parliamentary campaigns”.

"I am convinced that the future of Ukrainian politics is in broad consolidation on the basis of common values. Hysteria and tragedies on the basis of politics should be a thing of the past; this is the mission of the current generation of politicians. Therefore, I hope that in the new parliament we will see a new coalition that will act with the peaceful agenda of the country’s development,” Serhiy Lovochkin added.

The politician believes that the consolidation of political forces in favor of peace is needed to change the political course of the country. And that in case of such consolidation, the candidate from the South-East has a chance to win in the presidential elections.

“Our political politician will definitely take part in the presidential elections. The candidate of the Opposition Bloc, I would conditionally call him the candidate of the South-East, even without the voters of the Crimea and Donbas, which traditionally support us, has a chance to win. Therefore, we will do everything possible for the success of our candidate in the upcoming elections. From our political polls, the one who will have the highest chances of victory will go to the elections,” Serhiy Lovochkin said.

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