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NACB Serves Omelian With Suspicion Of Unlawful Enrichment And Declaring False Information

NACB Serves Omelian With Suspicion Of Unlawful Enrichment And Declaring False Information

NACB, Volodymyr Omelian

The National Anticorruption Bureau (NACB) has served Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Volodymyr Omelian with suspicion of unlawful enrichment and declaring false information.

Press service of the NACB has said this in a statement, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

On Friday, NACB detectives under the supervision of Specialized Anticorruption Prosecutor's Office (SACPO) prosecutors notified the minister of suspicion under Section 3 of Article 368-2 (unlawful enrichment) and Article 366-1 (declaring false information) of the Penal Code of Ukraine.

According to the prosecutors, in the period of 2000 and April 26, 2018, Omelian received UAH 2,170,000 of official income, however, his expenditures between 2008 and April 26, 2015 made at least UAH 3,450,000.

The NACB detectives found out that in 2015, being in office of a deputy infrastructure minister, the official acquired some assets, the cost of which considerably exceeded his official salary.

In particular, Omelian acquired new BMW X5 SUV (2015 production year) and had USD 90,000 and EUR 25,000 in cash.

The overall cost of such assets then made UAH 4,230,500.

Besides, the investigators found out the facts of declaring false information by the minister.

In particular, his e-declarations mentioned that the cost of minister's undeclared assets made at least UAH 3,034,000 in 2015, and over UAH 8,024,000 in 2016.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, in April, Director of the National Anticorruption Bureau Artem Sytnik refuted the information about alleged preparation of a notice of suspicion for Omelian.

In May, the SACPO returned the draft notice of suspicion for Omelian to the NACB for further elaboration.

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