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Ukraine Pays USD-0.4-Billion Coupon On Restructured Eurobonds

Ukraine Pays USD-0.4-Billion Coupon On Restructured Eurobonds

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Ukraine has paid a coupon of USD 444.4 million on the Eurobonds it issued as part of a debt-restructuring operation in 2015.

The press service of the Ministry of Finance announced this to the Ukrainian News Agency.

The total amount of payment was USD 444.4 million.

The holders 13 of Ukraine’s 14 sovereign and government-guaranteed Eurobonds worth a total of USD 14.36 billion and EUR 600 million accepted Ukraine’s offer to restructure the Eurobonds in October 2015.

Only Russia, which held Eurobonds worth USD 3 billion due in December 2015, rejected the restructuring offer.

New sovereign Eurobonds were issued for a total of USD 11.95 billion on November 12 with maturities in the period of 2019-2027 and a yield rate of 7.75% per annum and government derivatives were issued for USD 2.92 billion.

The yield on the bonds is paid twice a year (on March 1 and September 1), starting on March 1, 2016.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Ukraine paid the International Monetary Fund about 257 million SDR (special drawing rights) or about USD 373 million in early February.

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