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Sales Of New Passenger Cars Up 11% To 7,300 Cars In August

Sales Of New Passenger Cars Up 11% To 7,300 Cars In August

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In August 2018, sales of passenger new cars in Ukraine increased by 11% to 7,300 cars year over year.

The Ukravtoprom association announced this in a statement, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"In the last summer month, the growth of consumer activity was noted on the Ukrainian market of new passenger cars. The August registration of new cars increased by 11% compared to last year, according to the Ukravtoprom association. Also, the demand for new passenger cars surpassed the July figure by 10 percent. The first plates in the past month received 7,300 cars," the statement reads.

According to the statement, the French brand Renault remains the leader of the national market in August, which increased its sales in Ukraine by 39% to its August 2017 result.

For a month 986 new cars of this French brand have replenished the Ukrainian car park.

Toyota became the second most popular brand with a result of 983 cars.

Compared with the year-ago indicator of registration, the number of Toyota cars grew by 13%.

In third place - Nissan with 498 new cars (+32%).

With 10% growth the fourth line of the rating was taken by KIA, owners of cars of this brand in August became 477 Ukrainians.

Hyundai closes the top five leaders, 452 buyers stopped their choice on the cars of this Korean brand or 45% more than a year earlier.

Also in the TOP-10 of the August market of new cars were: Skoda - 404 cars (+1%); Mazda - 315 cars (+30%); Volkswagen - 313 cars (-40%); Ford - 294 cars (+20%); Suzuki - 277 cars (+54%).

The most popular car in August was the KIA Sportage, 338 motorists voted for it with their money.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, in July 2018, sales of new passenger cars in Ukraine increased by 4% to 6,700 cars year over year.

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