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Acting Chair Of Fiscal Service Prodan Denies Possession Of Resort Complex In Turkey

Acting Chair Of Fiscal Service Prodan Denies Possession Of Resort Complex In Turkey

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Myroslav Prodan, acting chairperson of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, denies his being the owner of any resort complex in Turkey.

He wrote this on his Facebook page, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"I am reading in the internet another batch of gossips on allegedly found foreign resort of mine. One newspaper went further and found a yacht, houses in Spain and even a plane I own! This is another fake. All of my property has been mentioned in the declaration," he wrote.

He calls such news informational attack on him.

"The fake has been invented and it is being fueled in order to exert pressure on me. They were looking for something for a long time and checked painfully, but they failed to find anything real for accusations. For this reason they have employed bold fabrication. This story with the resort has no perspective, and any unbiased investigation will prove it. My position is firm. We continue the attack on smuggling and there will be no retreat in the issue. There will be no retreat in the issue of blocking the schemes with fictitious VAT," he wrote.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, a source in Ukrainian law enforcement agencies says law enforcers are writing a notice of suspicion to Myroslav Prodan. Law enforcers suspect Prodan of illegal enrichment, according to the source.

Ukrainian law enforcement agencies investigate possible purchase of a resort complex in Turkey by Myroslav Prodan.

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