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Ukrainian Hryvnia Turns 22 On September 2

Ukrainian Hryvnia Turns 22 On September 2

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The Ukrainian national currency - the hryvnia - turned 22 on September 2.

The National Bank of Ukraine announced this in a statement posted on its Facebook page, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"There was a monetary reform in Ukraine 22 years ago. On September 2, 1996, the hryvnia replaced the Ukrainian rubles and became the national currency of Ukraine," reads the statement.

The exchange of the Ukrainian rubles was held from September 2 until September 16, 1996.

As at June 1, 2018, the cash in circulation was estimated at UAH 373.6 billion (including 13 billion coins for UAH 2.1 billion).

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the National Bank of Ukraine has begun circulation of 1- and 2-hryvnia coins for replacement of 1- and 2-hryvnia banknotes from April 27, 5- and 10-hryvnia coins will begin to replace banknotes starting in 2019.

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