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FUIB Launches Contactless Payment With Garmin Pay Watch

FUIB Launches Contactless Payment With Garmin Pay Watch

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The First Ukrainian International Bank (FUIB) launched contactless payment with the help of Garmin pay watch.

The bank announced this in a statement, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

FUIB customers will be able to use the payment service from August 17.

At the moment this option is available for Visa cardholders.

FUIB has become one of the first banks in the country that have connected the contactless payment service with the help of Garmin watch.

This service is designed specifically for people who are engaged in sports and use special devices for measuring heart rate, number of steps, etc.

Garmin Pay launched last autumn.

Ukraine became the 21st country, whose inhabitants can pay with the help of watch.

Activating the service will take several minutes: first you need to install the Garmin Connect application (available on the Google Play/App Store), then synchronize the smartphone with the watch and add the FUIB payment cards.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, 92.24% of FUIB is owned by SCM Finance.

SCM Finance is a subsidiary of System Capital Management and specializes in the management of financial institutions.

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