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European Commission Allocates Metalware Import Quotas, Sets Duty Of 25% For Volumes Beyond Quota

European Commission Allocates Metalware Import Quotas, Sets Duty Of 25% For Volumes Beyond Quota

The European Commission has allocated metalware import quotas and set the duty of 25% for the volumes beyond the quota.

The Economic Development and Trade Ministry of Ukraine has said this in a statement, Ukrainian News Agency reports.
"The European Commission has decided to allocate preliminary safeguard measures within the framework of metalware investigation. The decision takes effect on July 19, 2018. On the whole the investigation includes 28 metalware types, 23 of which face the tariff quota for 200 days. The tariff quotas will be applied based on the "first come, first served" principle. All the supplies beyond the quota will be levied the duty of 25%," the statement says.
According to the report, the Economy Ministry along with Ukrainian producers insists that the European Union does not have sufficient grounds to open the investigation in view of the World Trade Organization requirements and taking into consideration current state of development of the metallurgical sector of the EU.
Besides, Ukraine has close trade-economic relations with the EU based on the provisions of the Ukraine - European Union Association Agreement.
According to the ministry, a countervailing mechanism should be launched on the goods facing both antidumping and safeguard measures.
Besides, as far as Ukraine is an emerging economy, the Ukrainian metalware has to be excluded from the list of the one subjected to the duties (if imposed) having the share of less than 3% of the total imports to the EU in compliance with the provisions of the WTO agreements.
According to the decision of the European Commission, only 11 types of Ukrainian metalware actually faced the safeguard measures, in particular: hot-rolled sheet and strips, as well as cold-rolled sheet, steel blooms, bars, stainless steel fittings and light sections, unalloyed and alloyed steel wire rods, pipes for gas pipelines, etc.
At that 17 types of Ukrainian metalware have not faced the safeguard measures: electrotechnical steel sheets, sheets with a metal coating, sheets with organic coating, rolled products with galvanic and other coatings, stainless hot-rolled sheets and strips, sheets and strips of cold-rolled stainless steel, small section rolled metal and light sections, stainless wire, sheet profile, hot-deformed pipes, large welded pipes, other welded pipes, hot rolled stainless steel plates, textured electrical steel sheets, products for railways, other seamless tubes, unalloyed and alloyed cold-rolled bars.
According to the State Statistics Service of Ukraine, in 2013, Ukraine exported 2.145 million tons of steel products to the EU for USD 1.518 billion, in 2014 - 2.551 million tons for USD 1.627 billion, in 2015 - 2.839 million tons for USD 1.326 billion, in 2016 - 3.315 million tons for USD 1.399 billion, and in 2017 - 2.471 million tons for USD 1.438 billion.
"It is noteworthy that the exports of Ukrainian goods subjected to duty-free access to the European market exceeds 12% of the total export of Ukrainian steel products to the EU under investigation. In compliance with a decision of the European Commission, in order to prevent double protection of the European industry by the trade protection instruments, anti-dumping duties will be suspended or reduced. That is, if the quota is exceeded and 25-percent duty is applied, the combined application of the anti-dumping and safeguard duties should not exceed the highest value of one of those duties," the report says.
According to the report, the Economy Ministry along with the Ukrainian producers continue protecting Ukraine's interested within the framework of the investigation procedure.
In September, it is planned to hold hearings with the participation of representatives of the Economy Ministry and a number of Ukrainian producers.
As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, in March, the United States imposed an antidumping duty of 25% on import of steel and metalware, as well as the 10-percent duty on importation of aluminum from all countries except for Mexico, Canada and Australia.

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