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Vasyl Khmelnytsky invests in innovations

Vasyl Khmelnytsky invests in innovations

A prominent businessman, Vasyl Khmelnytsky who is the owner of the UFuture investment group, said “the main goal of business is to change the thinking of Ukrainians and to teach them to be competitive”.

Не wrote about it on the Focus website.

One of the innovative Khmelnytsky’s projects is the Lean Institute Ukraine.

“The project is aimed at increasing the competitiveness and innovation of Ukrainian companies using the lean methodology. When I heard about this approach, I was impressed. Today we implement it in all the UFuture group investment projects”, the businessman noted.

According to him, the lean concept, known as the “lean manufacturing”, provides the maximum value for a consumer with minimal use of all types of resources, including time, energy and labour. According to the lean concept, all employees should participate in the continuous improvement of the workflow, tracking and eliminating various types of losses.

“This approach turns problems into improvement opportunities, allows the employees grow, and helps organizations in gaining and maintaining their leadership at the market. This concept underlies the ideology of successful business”, Vasyl Khmelnytsky stresses.

Another businessman’s projects is the Kyiv International Economic Forum, created as the platform for discussing innovative ideas, attracting reputable speakers and investors from all over the world. In 2018, the fifth anniversary KIEF was held.

“It is very important both for business and the state, to have an independent platform for a good dialogue and, more importantly, for strategic planning. The future is already here. New world is solving new tasks: how to operate robots in production, how to form a partnership between a robot and a human, how to respond to the rapid growth of cities, to digital cash, how the classic business is rapidly losing to the innovative one”, Vasyl Khmelnytsky said.

In addition, the businessman invests much into education projects. For example, the UNIT.City, the city of high technologies, where thousands of talented young Ukrainians can undergo free modern educational training in programming. Another Khmelnytsky’s project is the Small and Medium Entrepreneurship School that is an intensive course for entrepreneurs of different experience levels where they get knowledge and skills to start their own business. Next fall, the school will be opened in Kyiv, and Vasyl Khmelnytsky is going to be one of the mentors there.

“For many investors the social projects are much more significant markers than our business achievements. I'm proud of the UFuture team and the teams of all projects. Social investments are not money and management. It is about talented people who are in love with their work. After all, it is about people who make our projects so successful”, Khmelnytsky Vasyl concluded.