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GfK Ukraine: Ukraine's Population Distrusts Judicial Reform

GfK Ukraine: Ukraine's Population Distrusts Judicial Reform

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A total of 23% of pollees questioned by the GfK Ukraine research company support the judicial reform while 38% do not.

This is said in results of the poll conducted by GfK Ukraine research company along with the Q&Q Research group within the framework of the Reforms Efficiency Control social initiative in June 2018.

According to the poll, 19% of the Ukraine's population consider themselves well-informed about the judicial reform, where 41% heard nothing about it and 38% "knew something but wanted to know more."

"The society was interested in the judicial reform, however, at the moment it does not know anything about the changes underway. That shows that the population was not properly informed about the reform," said Yuliya Slesarenko, the director of the Q&Q Research group.

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