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Rozenko's June Wage UAH 43,800

Rozenko's June Wage UAH 43,800

wage, Pavlo Rozenko, Vice Prime Minister

The wage of Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Pavlo Rozenko for June made UAH 43,801.

The Cabinet of Ministers' Secretariat announced this in response to a Ukrainian News Agency's request.

According to the response, UAH 43,801 was accrued to Rozenko in June, including UAH 16,145 of a fixed salary, UAH 8,072 of seniority pay, UAH 13,723 of work intensity allowance, UAH 428 of wage readjustment and UAH 2,204 of traveling allowance.

Vice Prime Minister received UAH 3,229 of monthly bonus in June.

A total of UAH 8,541 was withdrawn as taxes, including UAH 7,884 of income tax and UAH 657 of military tax.

Rozenko got UAH 35,260 after tax.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Rozenko declared UAH 615,300 of income for 2017.

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