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Vasyl Khmelnytsky - “Industrial parks are a quick breakthrough in a number of industries”

Vasyl Khmelnytsky - “Industrial parks are a quick breakthrough in a number of industries”

A businessman and philanthropist Vasyl Khmelnytsky believes that the creation of special producing zones – industrial parks – will provoke a quick breakthrough in the development of domestic production.

According to him, a sharp growth should be expected in those industries where Ukraine traditionally imports to – manufacture of consumer goods, processing of agricultural products, pharmacology and furniture production.

The industrial park in Bila Tserkva, owned by Vasyl Khmelnytsky, has already proved its effectiveness.

“Now we take small Ukrainian companies that have access to the sales market, and are employable and innovative. We provide them with additional resources and build factories with them. I’m sure it is the right approach, when private business and the government create conditions. There are monumental opportunities in this – you don’t need to be afraid. I expect that the park will be successful. We are very persistent and are definitely going to thrive on this project,” the owner of the park Vasyl Khmelnytsky notes.

After the adoption of bills No. 2554a-d and No. 2555a-d in the first reading, in Ukraine started registration of new industrial parks. They assume that a business that operates in special industrial zones is exempted from the profit tax, from the import customs duty on equipment, gets instalments to pay import VAT on equipment, preferential taxation of real estate and land for five years.

Experts believe that industrial parks are also the tool to attract industrial investments. It is convenient for large business to invest into the parks where the engineering and transport infrastructure is improved, there is a set of necessary services, and regulatory processes are simplified as much as possible.

“Foreign investments are very important, because they entail not only financial backing6 but also profound knowledge and innovation. Thus, Ukraine also receives human resource, completely new data and technologies”, Khmelnytsky Vasyl explains.