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Sales Of Second-Hand Cars Up 14% To 8,800 Cars In June

Sales Of Second-Hand Cars Up 14% To 8,800 Cars In June

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In June, sales of second-hand cars increased by 14% to 8,800 cars month over month.

Ukravtoprom automobile producers association announced this in a statement, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

"In June, in the primary market of passenger cars, the share of imported cars with mileage was almost 58%. Of the 15,300 registered in Ukraine passenger cars, 8,800 were second-hand imported cars. This is a record number of imported cars with mileage registered in Ukraine within one month, and the largest share of such cars in the primary market in recent years. While the market for new cars has gone into negative territory, demand for imported second-hand cars in comparison with June last year increased 1.9 times, but relatively about the previous month increased by 14%," the statement reads.

The most popular among imported second-hand cars in June were Volkswagen cars, 1,353 units of which were registered during the month.

This is three times more than the number of new cars of the same brand sold in the Ukrainian market in June.

In second place Renault with the result of 1,280 second-hand cars, which is 90% higher than the June sales of new Renault.

Skoda got the third place - 855 cars with mileage, which is 67% more than the June result of the brand in the new car market.

The fourth position got Ford, 603 cars of which changed their foreign owners to Ukrainian ones.

In the primary registrations of cars of this brand, cars with mileage passed new by 86%.

Nissan closes the top five leaders of the month - 495 second-hand cars of this brand registered against 366 new.

Since the beginning of the year, Ukrainian registration has received 41,800 passenger cars with mileage imported from other countries, which is 83% more than in the same period last year.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, the Ukravtoprom automobile producers association states an increase in sales of imported second-hand cars 3.3 times to 56,744 cars in 2017 year-over-year.

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