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Sales Of New Passenger Cars In Ukraine Up 7% To 39,500 Cars In H1

Sales Of New Passenger Cars In Ukraine Up 7% To 39,500 Cars In H1

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In the first half year of 2018, sales of new passenger cars in Ukraine increased by 7% to 39,500 cars year over year.

The Ukravtoprom association announced this in a statement, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

According to the statement, in January 6,600 new cars were registered in Ukraine, which is 37% higher than the result of a year ago.

Leadership in the January market belonged to the Japanese Toyota brand, whose cars then received 941 plates, but the best-seller of the first month of the year is the Volkswagen Golf, which was withdrawn from sales in other countries due to the diesel scandal (318 cars sold).

February market in comparison with February 2017 grew by 21% to 5,800 new cars, and the palm of the championship went to Volkswagen, at which 830 customers stopped their choice.

At the same time, the market decline occurred in March, when the number of new car registrations compared to March of the previous year decreased by almost 7% to 6,800 cars.

The rating of brands then once again topped Toyota with the indicator of 898 cars sold, and in the rating of models for the third month in a row the first line was kept by Volkswagen Golf, in its March asset there were already 414 registration numbers.

The March market volume was almost duplicated in April, when it was recorded slightly more than 6,800 sales of new passenger cars.

At the same time, April demand returned the positive dynamics of the market development relative to 2017 - the registration of new cars grew by 6%, and the best result in April was again demonstrated by Toyota (852 cars).

At that, the most popular car in April was Renault Duster - 308 new cars of this model replenished the Ukrainian fleet.

In May, Ukrainians bought only a few cars less than in the previous month, but at the same time they provided a small increase (+4%) compared to the same period last year.

Reducing the speed of just 2 cars compared to the previous month, Toyota maintained the leading position among the brands.

The best sales this time distinguished another diesel car - Audi A3, having found 264 owners in Ukraine.

In June, the market for new passenger cars again showed a downward trend, but this time the drop in demand occurred not only in relation to the June registrations of the previous year (-5.4%), but also to the previous month (-4.8%).

Totally, in the first summer month only 6,500 cars received plates.

Acquiring 745 Toyota cars, Ukrainians left this brand at the top of the rating.

The title of the best-seller after a six-month break again regained the KIA Sportage car (251 sold cars).

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, in 2017, sales of new passenger cars in Ukraine increased by 25.5% to 82,200 cars, while the most popular brand of cars last year was Toyota - 9,696 registrations, which is by 26% more than in 2016; 2nd place - Renault - 8,671 registered cars (+36%), 3rd place - Volkswagen - 6,525 (+30%), 4th place - Skoda - 5,675 (+37% to 2016), 5th place - KIA - 5,320 registered cars (+34% to 2016) year over year.

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