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New Passenger Cars Sales Down 5.4% To 6,500 In June

New Passenger Cars Sales Down 5.4% To 6,500 In June

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In June 2018, sales of new passenger cars in Ukraine fell by 5.4% to 6,500 year over year.

The Ukravtoprom automobile producers association has said this in a statement, Ukrainian News Agency reports.

According to the statement, Toyota was leading in the market. In June, Ukrainians purchased 745 cars of this Japanese brand, by three vehicles more than in the previous year.

Renault was the second, as 673 people chose this French brand, by 9% less than in June 2017.

Skoda was the third, as 513 car owners chose this brand, by 7% less than in June 2017.

KIA was the fourth, as 454 cars of this brand were registered, by 9.6% less year over year.

Volkswagen was the fifth, as the demand for this brand grew by 10% to 436 items year over year.

In the year to date, a total of 26,100 passenger cars have been registered, by 12% more year over year.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, in 2017, passenger cars sales rose by 25.5% to 82,200 cars.

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